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CS Process Control

Test setup and execution software for complex crash facilities. The software is tailored to your specific location requirements during installation.

CS Process Control

Test preparation

The first step to prepare a test is performed in a wizard style dialog, where the operator enters the test parameters. The wizard continuously checks the operators input against the facility parameters and gives warnings and hints to prevent faulty insertions and subsequent damages at the facility. According to the customer’s needs, camera and lighting systems are also set up in this wizard. The facility tests can either have their own, hard coded DAQ setups or can be connected to a DAQ setup created in the Full or Light version.

Test execution

The second step is the test execution itself, where the previously prepared test is run at the facility. The interface shows all critical gauges to the operator but has also an integrated step-by-step logic, synchronized with the facilities PLC, to guarantee a successful test execution. This three-stage (PLC, software, operator) controlling concept reduces the risk of errors to an absolute minimum. The high adaptability guarantees that all MESSRING and even most non-MESSRING subsystems can be integrated into the test sequence.

Data analysis

The data analysis, as last step, is run automatically after closing the process control and shows again the highly integrated design of all MESSRING software, since a custom built CrashSoft Basic script is run inside the CrashSoft Workshop to calculate, export and report the test results.