Welcome to MESSRING, the global pioneer and trailblazer for innovative crash test facilities and groundbreaking testing technology.

Modern means of transportation are expected to provide the highest level of safety, not only for the driver and passengers, but also for pedestrians and cyclists. With its innovative products and specialized expertise, MESSRING makes a significant contribution to turning this expectation into reality – all around the globe.

MESSRING’s solutions and systems enable the automotive industry to test active and passive vehicle safety systems. MESSRING’s product offerings range from the realization of large, turnkey and multifunctional crash test facilities to the delivery of compact crash simulation test systems and the development of innovative components. In close cooperation with automotive engineers and manufacturers, MESSRING also develops application specific solutions, for example in the field of data acquisition, measurement, sensor and lighting technology and in the simulation of vulnerable road users.

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Decelerator sled for non-destructive crash tests

M=SLED Modular

Numerous test scenarios can be realized with decelerator sleds. Advantages over acceleration tests include pre-braking scenarios, easy integration into existing crash systems, and also a direction of movement synchronous to the crash.

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Better Lighting – Better Images – Better Documentation


Getting the right crash test lighting technology requires controllability, adaptability and reproducibility of extremely high-powered light. Crash test photo and video recordings are one, if not the central elements, accompanying the actual test and measuring process. System-related advantages over classic…

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