Customer Support

From project consulting and training to application engineering, you can count on MESSRING to support you at every stage of planning and operation.

Within more than 50 years of experience in the field of automotive safety as a manufacturer of turn-key crash facilities, electronic solutions and software which covers all facets of advanced testing MESSRING has grown to a confident consultant for all major or minor projects of the passive and active safety. The MESSRING expert team of application engineers assists you during the project prearrangement and provides comprehensive solutions from the preliminary design to the final layout of testing facilities with all necessary components for specific tests.
Moreover, confide MESSRING with the compilation of measuring equipment and its implementation in the hard- and software environment. Advanced technologies make testing easier and more efficient.

Instant Service
Call us and you will immediately get professional support by our qualified team of engineers, physicists and technicians. Find kind response for all your product related questions and service requests. We are confident in finding the perfect solution and giving tailored aid for any kind of request.
Due to our extensive stock we are able to offer spare parts worldwide, quickly and in an uncomplicated way. If assistance is necessary our service technicians will be on-site within 48 hours.
With a world-wide net of local distributors and partners MESSRING guarantees excellent services by high-qualified employees combined with fast reaction times.

Remote Support
By means of company-owned analysis software, we are able to check our data acquisition systems, PC systems and PLC systems of crash test facilities worldwide from Germany via an internet connection and phone line.

Product Training
Ask for our standard or individual trainings. Comprehensiveness, content and attendance can be adapted to your needs. Of course, the courses can also be given at your site.

Application Engineering
Could you not find what you are looking for? Or do you need a clever measurement solution for your special application? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We kindly assist you in finding the perfect solution for you.

ATDs Checkup
Send us your complete dummy and we take care of him with full service. If you are using an M=BUS InDummy system we do the calibration of sensors and M=BUS loggers as well as a verification of the entries in the TEDS. We also do mass property checks for best comparability and certainty about your values. Finally we check the cable routing and the general condition of the M=BUS installation and the dummy itself. Of course, we can also arrange the dummy certification for you.

Product Verification
Regardless of a maintenance contract, all maintenance, repairs or calibrations and adjustments can be ordered for all our products. The system check includes a detailed analysis of the components and functions.