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CS Light

Single workplace versions of MESSRING’s CrashSoft supplied with data acquisition devices that can also be integrated into the full system.

Aside from CrashSoft Full are several, so called Light Applications available, which are supplied with the MESSRING data acquisition devices. The Light Versions are designed as single workplace solutions but can be implemented in a corporate environment with CrashSoft Full.

For the NA3x series the Light Versions feature a sensor database and a test preparation and execution application. Enterprise functions, like permissions management and managing ATDs and components, are not implemented. The automatic ISO location generation and checking is stripped from the Light Versions, but part of it are basic reporting features and the history for transducer value changes as well as exporting and analysis features.

Owing to the intelligent hardware design of M=BUS including the Transducer Electronic Data Sheet (TEDS), the corresponding Light software comes as simple step-by-step wizard that guides through the test and is therefore easiest to use. So it is possible to start running test without training. All instructions are given by the clear arranged software tool.