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CS DAS Control

For complete configuration, management and analysis of data acquisition systems, together with test preparation and execution.

CS DAS Control

CrashSoft Type Editor

CrashSoft Type Editor provides the basic structure for all components (transducers, dummies, vehicles …) that can be used in a test. It also defines how the ISO location codes are created in later tests. It comes with a large set of predefined locations, which will be adapted to your company’s needs during the software training. Because of this preparatory work, error-prone procedures like generating ISO location codes and using the suitable transducer types on their fitting locations are almost automated. The Type Editor is also equipped with a powerful permission and access management system, to prevent the predefined locations from being accidentally changed.

CrashSoft Component Manager

CrashSoft Component Manager is the central place for managing all of your crash facilities’ equipment like dummies, sleds, barriers, transducers and vehicles. The Component Manager is designed to manage multiple facilities, so it is possible to track the movement of equipment from one laboratory to another. With a centralized database it’s even possible to coordinate laboratories in different countries.

The user interface is fully customizable and individually saved for each user. No matter if you search for sensitivity and offset data, pinnings, calibration and test dates or even storage information – All possible information is visible at a glance. Powerful search and reporting features as well as an integrated task list support your every day work. All changes are completely back traceable and a sweeping undo function lets you correct faulty insertions. For quality management it is also possible to set the whole software to any past date and time with a simple mouse click.

With MESSRING’s next generation data acquisition system M=BUS it is even possible to read a complete ATD structure and all sensor and calibration information. A new dummy is ready for test in less than 5 minutes. Real-time interfaces to MESSRING’s calibration modules guarantee up-to-date data.

CrashSoft Test Preparation and Execution

CrashSoft Test Preparation and Execution offers you a simple drag and drop interface to set up your tests on all MESSRING and selective third party supplier data acquisition systems. The graphical layout makes it easy to prepare test setups even for inexperienced users. According to your company’s structures tests can be planned as templates and can even have a time-shifted channel and transducer assignment. Configurable controlling functions prevent your employees from entering faulty data and help you bring all tests to a successful end. The test execution itself can either be done in the same application (e.g. for out-of-position or drop tower test) or gets passed to CrashSoft Facility Control for an automated test run. The acquired data can be viewed, analyzed and exported into various formats. Of course the interface is again freely configurable and saved for each user. All administrative functions, like the permissions management, are also integrated.

CrashSoft Workshop

CrashSoft Workshop is the main tool for data analysis and report generation. It comes with a set of predefined analysis according to the MDVFS Task Group’s Crash Analysis Criteria Description which can freely be extended or modified by the customer. A fully documented, BASIC like programming language, called CrashSoft Basic, is also implemented as well as a bunch of fully programmable controls for viewing, mathematical operations and exporting data. In conjunction with Microsoft Office, the Workshop becomes a powerful, programmable reporting tool. The Workshop itself can be deployed throughout your whole company without licensing restrictions.