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CS Calibration Modules

MESSRING’s versatile calibration software for dummies and transducers, as well as MESSRING and third party data acquistion systems.

Dummy and Transducer Calibration

MESSRING continues the successful strategy of a three level software architecture. As extensions of the Component Manager, calibration modules are available, which consist of an ergonomic and plain user interface, user adjustable scripts and the underplaying enterprise level database. All scripts and test templates are adjusted to the customer’s existing test stands and needs during the software rollout. Even advanced evaluations like multi-axis-transducer-crosstalk are possible. The calibration modules also feature a slow data recording mode for hydraulic test stands.

Depending on selected components a stand-alone test, a test group or even a sequence of test groups can be executed by a single click. Wizard style dialogs guide through the calibration process, ensuring quick and accurate results. The acquired data gets contemporaneously analyzed and is displayed as rated numerical values as well as graphs with limit lines. The reports are based on full user customizable templates and are generated automatically after the calibration test. All calibrations are stored in the database and are thereby completely back traceable for quality inspection.

DAQ Calibration

Conceptual the Data Acquisition Calibration Module tends to be more a stand-alone application then the dummy and transducer calibrations are. This results from the multipurpose design of MESSRING’s calibration board, which can not only calibrate MESSRING devices but also third party data acquisition systems. Above all the calibration board and software can be used as waveform generator and transducer simulator, which can import measured sensor data and dump out the signal. Once more MESSRING relies on user customizable scripts and reports and a possible integration of the software and all its output into the enterprise database architecture, giving all the necessary quality, traceability and monitoring features (also available in the other modules).