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USB Gateway

The USB Gateway is the single line interface for M=BUS In-Dummy- and M=BUS Pro Loggers. Learn more about it!

USB Gateway
  • Support of one M=BUS line
  • Compact and ruggedized aluminum housing
  • Very low power consumption
  • USB 2.0 standard
  • Extended bus test feature

For all non-shoockproof applications the M=BUS USB Gateway is used as an interface for M=BUS. It connects the M=BUS data loggers via USB 2.0 directly to a host PC. The USB Gateway supports 1 M=BUS line. The participants of the M=BUS line are connected in a daisy chain manner by a single 2.5 mm coax cable that supports the M=BUS data loggers with power and trigger signal. The cable grants a bidirectional communication between gateway and logger.

Depending on the connected sensors one data logger can be powered via USB. An external power input allows the support of a fully equipped M=BUS line. Up to 32 M=BUS InDummy Loggers or up to 6 M=BUS Pro Onboard Modules can be connected that way to the gateway.

The M=BUS USB Gateway is the ideal device for testing M=BUS Sensors or M=BUS lines. Sensor calibration or firmware updates can be done directly from host PC. As the M=BUS USB Gateway uses the same software interface as the Ethernet Gateway, complete tests can easily be performed in CrashSoft.