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Ethernet Gateway

The Ethernet gateway is the standard interface for bus lines - available in two versions. Shockproof design guarantees long life.

Ethernet Gateway
  • Support of 3 or 6 M=BUS lines with up to 32 participants each
  • Ruggedized aluminium housing
  • Very low current consumption
  • Internal backup battery
  • Temperature and M=BUS voltage monitoring
  • OLED colour display for visual status control

The M=BUS Ethernet Gateway is the standard interface for the bus lines. It can be applied directly to the test object. The shockproof design guarantees a long life even under rough impact test conditions. The M=BUS connects the bus participants in a daisy chain manner by a single 2.5 mm coax cable as the umbilical cord to support the M=BUS Loggers with power and the trigger signal. It also grants a bidirectional communication between Gateway and Logger that allows an easy controlling by the supplied M=BUS software tool. The Ethernet Gateway is available in two different versions, which are supporting 3 and 6 M=BUS lines with up to 32 participants each.

The M=BUS Ethernet Gateway is also equipped with a backup system which is activated automatically in case of disconnection of the supply cable. The system trigger is recorded and stored in a non-volatile memory.

The status and supply voltage of all M=BUS lines is permanently monitored. The integrated OLED display shows the status of the Gateway and the M=BUS lines.

A local non volatile data memory of 2 MByte can be used as storage for data sheets or documentation and can be configured as Log-Device for the communication.