Compact Impact Sled / CIS

The Compact Impact Sled, or CIS, is designed to analyze the behavior of seats, child seats, belts and other components such as roof racks in crash simulation testing. It is a compact, servo-hydraulic sled system for non-destructive testing of components. The Compact Impact Sled can be installed with minimal space requirements and does not require additional foundations or a complete crash test facility.
The following standardized impact simulations can be simulated on the CIS with the aid of additional equipment: vehicle seats, seat belts, child protection systems, roof racks, Whiplash (EuroNCAP), Whiplash (FMVSS 202a), ECE R44, ECE R80, ECE R 16, FMVSS 213, NASCAR 038, ISO 11154, FIA 8855, FAR 2x 562, DIN ISO 27955

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Compact Impact Sled

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