SprayMaker: Rain simulation for Active Safety Testing

The SprayMaker simulates realistic and reproducible rainy weather situations for testing ADAS vehicle sensors.

The weather has the greatest impact on the detection of the environment – and thus on the safety of autonomous vehicles and driver assistance systems – via camera, radar and lidar. For the further development of sensors and the active safety of vehicles, MESSRING now offers an effective test tool for all suppliers and developers of sensors and driver assistance systems with the SprayMaker. The sensors are influenced by direct water moistening and at the same time the spray mist itself makes it difficult to detect the rear of the vehicle and its surroundings.

Product Presentation SprayMaker
Mobile and compatible

The SprayMaker is easy and fast to mount on almost any vehicle – including the Euro NCAP and NHTSA Vehicle Targets. The water nozzles attached to the rear and side of the car are connected via a hose and pump system to two water tanks that are strapped to the seats of the car. The system can be conveniently switched on and off with the remote control supplied. Depending on the choice of nozzle, the carrier vehicle equipped with the SprayMaker sprays either a fine spray mist or a stronger spray cloud.

MESSRING SprayMaker in operation with carrier and vehicle under test.