6 questions for sales engineer Sebastian

Sebastian (31 years old) has been working for MESSRING since 2014 as an engineer in the sales department

How did you come to MESSRING?

At the time I was looking for a diploma thesis position and found the job posting online. Then I had a telephone interview as well as a personal conversation and we quickly saw eye to eye. After my final thesis I was offered a permanent position at MESSRING. Since MESSRING’s sector and area of responsibility are a good fit for me I thought to myself: “let’s do it”.

What does your working day look like?

That varies a lot with us. First I come in in the morning, make myself a coffee (laughs) and check all my e-mails. Especially on Mondays there can be a lot, because there are often requests from other nations over the weekend.
There are a lot of different tasks: From customer enquiries to quotations and technical tasks. Today, for example, I had to go down to a test bench in our crash hall for a customer and carry out a test. The mechanical staff support me in setting up the system and I then carry out the tests myself.
The creation of presentations is another important task. For example, next week I will be at Safety Week in Würzburg, where I will give a presentation. Of course, customer visits are also part of my job. The next trip I’m going on will be to Italy.

What makes you proud to work at MESSRING?

Proud is perhaps the wrong word, but what is quite cool is our working atmosphere. We have different structures than larger companies. That’s what makes it so pleasant in a family business.
I am however quite proud to be working in the sector of automotive safety, this doesn’t just benefit me and my wallet, but also has a general and social benefit, as we work to improve road safety. I feel good about standing behind this mission.

Describe your team

Harmonic. Relaxed. Ambitious. Spirited.
If the customer needs something on the same day, it doesn’t just get stuck with one colleague, but everyone gets involved. The tasks are distributed. Because we are a manageable team of nine people, the decision-making paths are shorter.

What is your highlight at MESSRING?

The highlight? …. The coffee is good (laughs loudly)!

No but in all honesty, I might be missing a proper comparison to other companies, because MESSRING is my first employer. Although… the highlights are in any case the events, such as the summer party or last year’s celebration of the company’s 50th anniversary.
Oh yes and I am proud of my own personal highlight too: The first order that I secured.

What is the catch?

Puhhh, not so easy. Yes, so our fruit basket is always empty quite early on in the week.
But seriously, the catch is perhaps our offer approvals, since these are graded according to volume and you sometimes have to wait a long time for them.

Thanks to Sebastian for the interview.

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