Electric Motor

An electric motor or e-motor is an electromechanical transducer that generates mechanical power from electrical power. Electric motors are used to drive many devices, working machines and vehicles. The mechanical output, which in the simplest case takes the form of a shaft, rotates and serves as the drive for machines and equipment. For example, the axial piston pump drives the motor in the hydraulic unit.

Electric motors are used in motor vehicles and railroads for a long time.

Reasons for this are:

– high efficiency, especially at partial load operation

– uninterrupted torque output over the full speed range, no start-up synchronization or switchable transmission necessary

– smaller dimensions and lower mass than comparable internal combustion engines; thus space-saving installation

– no emissions; therefore use in exhaust-sensitive areas possible, e.g. factory halls

– lower operating costs (very long engine life, less maintenance)

– simple design including simpler cooling system

Electric propulsion System

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