September 2020

Press Release: MESSRING extends product range by static VRU targets

New child dummy for Autonomous Emergency Braking Tests / The MESSRING Playing Child Target marks the launch of a new Active Safety product category

Munich/Ingolstadt, 17. Sep. 2020 – The increasing application of emergency braking systems to avoid collisions with other vehicles or “Vulnerable Road Users” (VRU) requires new test scenarios and tools. The reliability of safety systems needs to be tested and validated for a wide range of traffic situations. The newly developed MESSRING Playing Child Target (PCT) is designed to simulate a child on a toy car and enables the easy and uncomplicated execution of AEB tests, especially AEB VRU pedestrian back-over tests.

The first static VRU target developed by MESSRING has been designed to have realistic sensor signatures in terms of structure and design. This makes it equally suitable for tests with radar, lidar, camera and ultrasonic sensors. The dummy is weatherproof, requires low maintenance and is very robust. It can be used variably and repeatedly for test runs in driveways or parking spaces up to the point of collision. Incorporated into the Active Safety segment, the PCT for MESSRING is the first self-produced static VRU target, further developments will follow.

Dr. Doric, Executive Director of MESSRING Active Safety GmbH on the new development: “With the PCT, we offer another solution for testing active vehicle safety systems under realistic conditions. The interaction between vehicles and VRUs is still the most frequent area of fatal traffic accidents. We want to change that. The PCT now allows test scenarios with playing children to be simulated easier and reproducible, thus helping to make an important contribution to increasing vehicle safety”.