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MicroTrack Rail

Unique track rail system with enhanced design for crash and sled test facilities. Simple to install and easily relocated.

MicroTrack Rail
  • Perfect combination of accurate guiding and almost unlimited view from film pit
  • Rail System which combines perfect guiding of vehicles with almost
    unlimited view despite track rails
  • Usable in standard crash-test facilities and sled-test facilities as well
  • Surface mounted track rails; easy to install at any angle to center line
  • Designed for outdoor installation
  • Can be easily crossed with cars
  • Used on concrete and transparent cover panels
  • High stiffness
  • Easy relocatability
  • Very low height
  • Corrosion protection
  • Installation in existing rails possible

Enhanced track rail system for guiding passenger cars, trucks and sleds. Unparalleled small dimensions – gap only 30 mm! – and unique design combine guiding ultimate capabilities and view from a film pit that is limited by a beam not wider than 70 mm only!