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Rear Impact – ECE-R34 and TRIAS33

Moving barrier for tests of occupant protection! Equipped with an advanced brake system and calibrated individually by MESSRING.

Rear Impact - ECE-R34 and TRIAS33

Rear impact BARRIER. for easy operability.

This moving barrier is used in performing tests to determine the safety of occupants in the event of a rear impact in compliance with various regulations. Learn more about a user-friendly, high precision testing device! This barrier ensures repetitive and correlative results to reflect the protective performance of a motor vehicle with respect to occupants and pedestrians.

Rear Impact Barrier. WIth integrated HYDRAULIC BRAKE.

  • Brake system for each wheel
  • Wireless or cable-controlled
  • Increased mass and profiled barrier shape
  • Ballast plates for ideal weight compensation
  • Individually calibrated center of gravity and moment of inertia (optional)
  • Height of front shield adjustable


  • For tests according to ECE-R34 and TRIAS33