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PU-Tube Brake

Benefit from a braking system offering maximum reliability and easy operability all at once! Operation is made particularly convenient and safe.

PU-Tube Brake

PU-Tube Brake. For reliable and repeatable tests.

The PU-tube brake was developed in accordance with current regulations. To perform these tests, the brake serves as both a simple as well as an economical tool for precisely generating the required curves.

PU-Tube Brake. For a Maximum of braking processes.

The brake body features 3 x 3 holes with a diameter of 60mm. Steel mandrels to the front ends of which olives have been affixed, are mounted on the sled at the front and generate a braking force upon penetration into the PU-tubes. After braking, the mandrels are hydraulically pressed out of the brake.

PU-Tube Brake. Perfect functionality in every aspect.

  • For receiving 9 PU-tubes
  • 900 kN braking force
  • Low operating costs
  • Hydraulic extraction device
  • Withstanding up to hundred braking processes
  • Monitoring via CrashSoft – system control possible


  • For tests according to ECE-R16
  • For tests according to ECE R44