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Brake system with servo-hydraulic valve delivering high reproducibility of crash test results and greater testing frequency for sled tests.


HYDROBRAKE. CUTTINg-Edge deceleration Crash Technology.

One of the benefits of the deceleration technology is that the direction of movements is synchronous with the crash rather than inverse, as is the case with acceleration tests. This applies in particular to pre-crash braking scenarios that are virtually impossible to simulate using an acceleration system. Learn more about it!

HYDROBRAKE. Precise and Easy to Handle.

  • Very reliable and high performing system
  • Excellent accuracy of pulse reproduction and velocity plot
  • Fast test preparation and easy programming
  • Capable for duplex operation on car test facilities
  • Ideal for pre-crash braking scenarios
  • Crash pulse simulation on car and sled test facilities capable
  • High testing rate by short converting time
  • Maximum braking force 2 MN or 3.2 MN

HYDROBRAKE. Ideal for retrofitting.

  • For integrating in existing or complete new facilities
  • No downtime
  • Space and cost effective
  • Full compatibility with our existing hardware- and software solutions

New additional test component.

Child Seat Testing System for simulation of side, front and rear impacts on a sled according to UN ECE R129 regulations.

  • Integrated damper for controlled deceleration
  • Lateral, front and rear impact simulations with a single test system
  • Compatible with every sled platform
  • Full conformity with regulation UN ECE R129
  • Cost-efficient
  • Low wearing components