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Crash Test Facilities

From standard crash applications to customized high end facilities for all imaginable scenarios, MESSRING has a full range of solutions to meet all requirements.

Crash Test Facilities

Car Test

We provide turnkey crash test facilities, from standard to customized high end solutions. The facilities are build from the cradle to full function or upgraded from an existing facility during normal test run with shortest downtime. MESSRING is the leading supplier of crash test facilities in automotive and supplier industries.

Car to Car Test

Car to Car crash test facilities for all kind of tests with two running cars with different velocities and arbitrary impact angles between 0° and 360°. Considering the dynamic behavior of 2 different vehicles in terms of velocity, hit accuracy, center of gravity, mass, friction, air resistance and so on, makes the task of the real time controller extremely serious.

Car and Sled Test

Car and sled tests combined in one facility for maximum test capability with lowest cost. All tests can be performed on the same facility.

The advantages are:

  • only one test area
  • only one control system
  • only one lighting system
  • only one test crew
  • only one invest

is required to perform full crash tests and crash test simulations. The sled pulse is generated by a Bending Bar, a PU-Tube or a Hydro-Brake system.