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Trailing Cable Box

Crash proof for onboard use, the trailing cable box decreases overall cable weight, integrating control and monitoring systems via LAN and Profibus.

Trailing Cable Box
  • Power-, Network- and Trigger Distribution Box
  • Backup power supply with additional Li-Polymer battery (162Wh)
  • Separate housing for battery pack
  • Network or Profibus communication for switching and monitoring functions
  • Network switch 100 Mbit with 5 ports for DAS
  • Network switch 1 Gbit with 5 ports for cameras
  • Single plug system by AMP connector
  • Video synchronizing via trailing cable
  • Complete trigger distribution included
  • Emergency trigger with integrated accelerometer
  • with status display
  • universal I/O

The crash proof trailing cable box for on-board use is designed to decrease weight of the trailing cable system. It also enables for various control and monitoring functions due to the integrated LAN or Profibus system, such as battery charge control, monitoring of power supply voltages and currents, switching of the power supply outputs or activating the emergency brake system in case of vehicle tests. Another function, realized by LAN or Profibus is the video control and monitoring of the video ready signal.

The new trailing cable box consists of a junction box and a separate Li-Polymer battery pack. The battery pack contains 9 Li-Polymer cells with their charge and monitoring circuit. The battery pack can be separated from the junction box for maintenance.