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Moveable Impact Block

Rotatable block with integrated hydraulic system and four impact faces minimizes preparation time for different test configurations.

Moveable Impact Block

This self moving block is fully remote controlled with integrated hydraulic supply. The intel-ligent, electronically monitored steering system, in connection with induction loops laid in the floor, al-lows a simple and fully automatic movement of the block.

The hydraulic undercarriage system places much lower requirements on the flatness of the usually heavily stressed facility floor, compared to crash blocks moved on air cushions.

The four impact faces and the possibility to rotate on the spot minimize the preparation time for various test configurations. In order to prevent a movement or tilt of the block at high crash loads, the block is anchored to the foundation for the crash test.

  • Each of the four faces can be used for impact
  • For 3,500 kg / 60 G
  • Can be rotated on the spot
  • Rotated by 360° in under ten minutes
  • Automatic guidance
  • Usable on uneven floors
  • Climbing performance 1% at a total mass of > 90,000 kg
  • Anchored to the foundation at crash position
  • Four hydraulic undercarriages with two heavy-duty wheels each
  • Rotation or moving time typ. < 10 min