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NHTSA Vehicle Target (SSV)

Latest AEB Test System for being able to fulfill the latest NHTSA and US NCAP regulations valid from 2018 onwards!

NHTSA Vehicle Target (SSV)


As NHTSA’s Final decision of November 4th 2015 states, AEB will be evaluated in US NCAP from 2018 onwards utilizing the Strikeable Surrogate Vehicle (SSV) manufactured by the US development partner Wolf Composites Solutions. As AEB systems are proven to reduce the probability of being involved in an accident consumers are encouraged to choose a new car equipped with such systems. According to an agreement between NHTSA, IIHS and 20 major vehicle manufacturers a commitment was made to make AEB a standard feature on all new vehicles built within the near future. Be prepared! MESSRING has partnered up with Wolf Composites to being able to provide all their former and future customers worldwide with comprehensive service, spare parts, and training for the AEB test system. Select out of two different test scenarios according to NHTSA:

  • LVS – Lead Vehicle Stopped (comparable with Car-to-Car Rear Stationary)
  • LVM – Lead Vehicle Moving (comparable with Car-to-Car-Rear Moving, Car-to-Car Rear Braking)

Regulations for LVS and LVM active safety testing scenarios according to:

NHTSA CIB & DBS test procedures 

(follow this link for official NHTSA test procedures on CIB (crash imminent braking) & DBS (dynamic brake support))