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Side Impact Simulator (SIS)

With three independently driven sleds, our side impact simulator gives you a high degree of flexibility for a wide range of tests. Learn more about it!

Side Impact Simulator (SIS)

SIS. For a maximum of flexibility.

This test facility can be used for simulating vehicle tests with barrier or pole impacts. Besides permitting a whole range of different customer-specific side impact simulations, this test rig also allows tests to be performed according to ECE-R95. The SIS essentially consists of three sleds, which are accelerated independently of each other, each by means of a hydraulic drive.


  • From the control station or independently using the mobile panel on the test rig
  • Separate pump for the positioning pressure of the sleds

SiDE IMPACT SIMULATOR. For Customer-specific Tests.

  • Simulation of the intrusion of impactors
  • Reproduction of acceleration, speed, intrusion discplacement
  • Integrated sensors for distance and acceleration measurement of the sleds
  • Standardized user controls for data acquisition and test rig control
  • Simulation of motion sequence for test preparation
  • Software-synchronized triggering of the airbag
  • Simulation of door indentations with up to 9 cylinders


  • For tests according to ECE-R95
  • For tests according to EuroNCAP and C-NCAP regulations