Revolutionary ligthing power lets you experience it.


Experience a revolutionary global innovation: M=LIGHT LED! 100% more luminous intensity, but lower energy consumption.


M=LIGHT LED. The new standard in luminous intensity.

MESSRING is setting new benchmarks and again revolutionizing the world of crash testing with a sensational inhouse development: M=LIGHT LED, extremely bright, fast, and powerful LED lamp for unrivalled illumination of crash tests.

M=LIGHT LED. Extremely bright.

The new MESSRING LED technology guarantees luminous power like no other before it.

  • Available in one ten-thousandth of a second
  • Maximum output for an unlimited period – in continuous and synchronous mode
  • Significantly more luminous power than standard lighting systems

M=LIGHT LED. Extremely economical.

  • Lower energy consumption compared to standard lighting systems
  • > 50,000 h LED service life

M=LIGHT LED. Extremely fast.

  • Up to 25,000 full flashes per second
  • > 100,000 lumen
  • 100% more luminous intensity per flash
  • No warm-up time, starts instantly

M=LIGHT LED. Extremely focused

Individual ancillary lens for:

  • A focused light beam with the same amount of light
  • Extremely high luminous power in an ultra small space


M=LIGHT LED revolutionizes your existing lighting system. Regardless of whether you are looking to replace your old lights (HMI) with new LEDs or use an entirely new configuration, we customize each solution to meet your requirements. Contact us and revolutionize your lighting system.