Where safety matters most – Safer Mobility for children

Children are considered to be among the most vulnerable people in traffic. According to accident statistics, children are at the greatest risk as passengers in a car. More than a third of the almost 30,000 children who were involved in road accidents in Germany in 2018 were injured inside the car.

The most effective way to better protect the very youngest from injury or death in a collision is to use child restraint systems (CRS). In their development and certification process child seats and infant carriers require numerous test runs with anatomically correct child dummies and corresponding measuring technology. MESSRING provides child seat manufacturers and independent test laboratories worldwide with a perfectly tuned test system for all government safety protocols and beyond

The heart of the CRS testing system is the unrivalled compact acceleration sled system CIS, which can be equipped with the sled test fixtures according to ECE R129, ECE R44, FMVSS 213 as well as ADAC frontal and side impact. Combined with the high-precision M=BUS Indummy measurement technology and state of the art M=LIGHT LED lighting all tests can be realized quickly, precisely and easily in accordance with the specified guidelines.

Sled fixture R129 for i-size certification tests