Sales Application Engineer (m/f/x)

Precision needs passion – your tasks

  • Customer and sales communication, customer visiting.
  • Company Sales Project initialization and management.
  • MESSRING sales Project acquisition (Presales)
  • Technical solution preparation and discussion, Quote preparation, application and tracking
  • Translation of bidding document and preparation of tender document
  • Translation and management of company’s internal and external technical documents and materials:Including but not limited to translation and sorting of industry regulations and standards, products specifications and technical documents. 
  • Assistance in company procurement, such as commercial enquiry, negotiation, bidding, contract signing and so on.
  • Company contract preparation, signing and tracking
  • Customer database and CRM system running
  • Marketing events and activities preparation, Company marketing advertisement and promotion
  • Work commission from executive director and general manager

We need you – your qualification

  • Impressive communication and presentation skills.
  • Clear logical
  • Good organizational skills.
  • Good business and professional quality
  • Bachelor’s degree, proficient in English listening, speaking, reading and writing.
  • Good skills at Microsoft Office.
  • Excellent electrical, mechanical knowledge and application is preferred.
  • Over 3 years working experience, engineering background preferred,automotive industrial is preferred
  • Experience in project management is preferred


Chongqing Messring Technology Co., Ltd.
1-10-2 Block 1, No. 18 Qixia Road, Northern New Area, 401122 Chongqing, China
Tel: +86 (0)23 63080664

  • Location: Chongqing
  • Entry level: Permanent employment
  • Functional area: Sales,
  • Position: Specialist