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Fire and Measurement Box (FAM Box)

Explore a highly precise 8 channel fire and measure unit for firing devices such as airbags or pretensioners! Exceptionally small and compact.

Fire and Measurement Box (FAM Box)

Fam Box. Latest DEVICE in test equipment miniaturization.

The M=BUS Pro Fire and Measurement Box is designed to ignite various pyrotechnical devices. The energy to ignite the pyrotechnical device is stored in a capacitor. This advanced test device for crash testing comes in a small package with compact dimensions and contains a total of eight fully isolated channels that can fire independently. A high speed data recorder logs the firing current and voltage signals with extreme precision.

FAm box. For easy operability.

The M=BUS Pro Fire and Measurement Box can be operated completely independent of other M=BUS components. Mounting the FAM Box inside or outside the vehicle is very practical. Learn more about it!

FAM Box AND FIRE BOX. Innovative and highly precise.

  • M=BUS Pro Fire Box: same features without measurement
  • 8 individually programmable timers for firing airbags, belt pretensioners, etc.
  • High speed recording of voltage and current
  • Adjustable fire current
  • Simple programming via CrashSoft
  • Backup system with internal battery
  • Display shows the system state
  • Security key blocks the ignition energy
  • Stand-alone operation possible
  • Size: 136 mm x 80 mm x 40 mm
  • Weight: 600 grams