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M=BUS technology suitable for the WorldSID 50th – for installation of up to 32 M=BUS loggers and 192 channels.


The WorldSID 50th percentile dummy was successfully developed with an overall Bio fidelity of 7.6 on a scale of 10 according to ISO TR9790 and from 2015 on it will be the obligatory testing tool for all the established side impact testing applications according to Euro NCAP regulations. MESSRING’s advanced in dummy data acquisition solutions, notably the so-called M=BUS system, form the basis for highly efficient testing results – now and in the future.

With its M=BUS system MESSRING provides the appropriate in dummy data acquisition tools, suitable for a maximum of different testing scenarios. Whether three or six channels, the miniature data acquisition modules provide full signal conditioning for in dummy applications controlled by a Gateway representing the interface between the M=BUS system, the trigger, power supply and the PC. According to specific testing environments the type of memory, the number of channels as well as the Bridge PCB can be chosen. Experience MESSRING’s innovative and fine-tuned M=BUS technology which is perfectly matched for the WorldSID 50th. We would be glad to provide you with a personal consultation.

  • Installation of up to 32 M=BUS Loggers
  • Support of up to 192 channels
  • More accurate measurement and higher density of measurement locations
  • Higher performance specifications for the data acquisition services
  • Better mass and center of gravity balancing (easy adaptation of mass replacements)
  • Better heat distribution due to decentralized system arrangement of M=BUS
  • Dual-sided instrumentation is possible
  • Simplification of WorldSID’s wiring (One-Wire Bus)
  • ID Modules avoiding misallocation
  • Easier maintenance