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MESSRING founds Active Safety subsidiary

MESSRING, which for decades has been the global market leader for crash test facilities and their components, founded a new subsidiary.

The MESSRING Active Safety GmbH exclusively focuses on expanding the options available for testing active safety systems. “We need to work very hard to ensure that autonomous cars and active safety systems can increasingly demonstrate their reliability in realistic tests conducted off public roads”, says Dierk Arp, Managing Director of MESSRING. In order to keep pace with the needs of automotive companies, sensor manufacturers, and other suppliers and to cope with the new requirements, Arp founded the MESSRING Active Safety GmbH.

The new company has access to all of the MESSRING Group’s resources, but also operates autonomously and benefits from the special expertise of its employees and the flat organizational structure within a small but highly specialized team.

Mr. Arp was able to attract Dr. Igor Doric, a proven expert in the field, as co-founder and Executive Director of the MESSRING Active Safety GmbH. Dr. Doric has served as the scientific and technical director of CARISSMA, the leading vehicle safety research center at the Technical University of Ingolstadt, for six years.

MESSRING Active Safety wants to expand the possibilities for testing active safety systems step by step with realistic, practical, and solution-driven innovations. In this process, close collaboration with OEMs and their suppliers is extremely important to the company. In this context, Mr. Arp always has one goal in mind: “In the field of active safety testing, we want to become what we already are in the field of passive safety – the leading system and full-service supplier.”

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