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MESSRING focuses on active safety with “Advanced Emergency Braking System”. Cooperation with ADAC.

Forward-looking active safety technologies are expected to play an increasing role in collision avoidance and mitigation in the future. This area contains highly advanced systems such as automatic braking. For this reason ADAC decided to cooperate with an experienced partner in industry and transferred its important business segment “ADAC AEBS Test System” to MESSRING – as of now we are in charge of this proven test system.

The ADAC AEBS Test System (“Advanced Emergency Braking System”) has generated great interest in the past year and continues to do so in 2013. To ensure adequate customer and product support also in the future, ADAC decided to cooperate with MESSRING. With this cooperation, the relevant business segment will be looked after by an established company with over 40 years of experience in the field of safety testing.

MESSRING as genuine systems provider is ensuring optimum compatibility of all systems and solutions supplied. Such competence is not least founded on the long-term and worldwide experience and on the company’s own crash test facility where all components and systems are tested to the highest quality standards from first design to provisional acceptance. Customers and business partners asking for the Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS) will clearly benefit from such professionalism, when from now on, MESSRING will be in charge of the ADAC AEBS Test System production, delivery and comprehensive customer service.

We assure you that with MESSRING you may look forward to a reliable partner in all AEBS matters. Just ask us! We would be glad to provide you with further information: sales@messring.de

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