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MESSRING Builds “Crash Test Facility of the Year”

Expert jury selects Mercedes-Benz Technology Center for Vehicle Safety as the facility of the year for 2017 / MESSRING successful for the sixth time

left-to-right direction: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rodolfo Schöneburg; Prof. Norbert Schaub; Helmut Ruoff

Munich, November 29, 2017 – Another achievement for MESSRING: An international jury of experts under the special direction of the English trade publisher UKi Media & Events selected the recently opened Mercedes-Benz Technology Center for Vehicle Safety (TFS) as the world’s most important development for the year 2017. “The facility is absolutely groundbreaking among passive vehicle safety testing systems and furthermore, makes entirely new test configurations possible, for example automated driving maneuvers with a subsequent collision, or new configurations like car-to-car oblique testing,” said the experts in their statement. The TFS is the sixth facility built by MESSRING that has been named “Crash Test Facility of the Year”.

MESSRING played a critical role in planning and installing the system and as such, continues an unparalleled streak of success. “This is a wonderful acknowledgment of our entire team’s hard work and one-of-a-kind expertise,” said Dierk Arp, CEO of MESSRING. “We would like to sincerely thank our client Mercedes-Benz for the extremely challenging task and the outstanding collaboration during the four years that we worked together planning and implementing the facility.”

With a total size of 55,000 square meters, the TFS is one of the largest and currently the most innovative crash testing center in the world. Up to 900 general tests and 1,700 sled tests can be carried out per year. In addition, the jury was impressed by the facility’s countless innovative details, such as a mobile crash block, which weighs over 100 tons, is laser-operated and can be freely moved throughout the more than 8,000-square-meter hall. Each of its four sides is equipped with different barriers, for instance for pole, small overlap, and offset tests. Creating this unique infrastructure required a great deal of development work by MESSRING.

The English publishing company UKi Media & Events has presented the coveted award annually since 2006 to honor outstanding projects and innovations in the automotive industry. The independent jury is composed of automotive experts and experienced industry journalists from different media outlets in the automotive and safety testing industry.

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