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MESSRING and Calspan build "Crash Test Facility of the Year 2018“

Expert jury selects the crash test laboratory at Calspan’s headquarters in Buffalo, New York as most important new opening of the year / MESSRING successful for the seventh time in a row


MESSRING once again is recognized as the world’s leading manufacturer of crash test systems and their components: According to the company, an expert jury has just awarded Automotive Test Technology International magazine’s “Crash Test Facility of the Year” to a facility with a MESSRING system. This is the seventh time in a row that a facility with MESSRING systems was been honored with this award.

The 2018 facility that was bestowed this award is the new Calspan crash test laboratory located in Buffalo, New York, U.S.A. This facility was awarded the prize by the top-class international jury headed by the British specialist publisher UKi. Calspan is a leading American test and research company, who designed and managed the construction of this facility. While MESSRING was significantly involved in the planning and realization of this facility’s propulsion system and photo pits. In the previous year, the Mercedes-Benz Technology Centre for Vehicle Safety (TFS) in Sindelfingen, a facility designed by MESSRING, was honored as the world’s most important new development.

Calspan opened this new crash test facility in 2018. The 5,500 square meter building and has two state-of-the-art crash halls. This allows frontal and side impact tests to be performed simultaneously and independently of each other. Both crash areas are also equipped with state-of-the-art MESSRING technology. These include the innovative MicroTrack rail system and the M=Wall force measuring wall. This facility was designed for all current test configurations and is already equipped today for a large number of future test scenarios. In the current constellation, up to 500 test runs can be performed per year. In order to provide Calspan’s customers with the highest levels of security and confidentiality, the facility is completely enclosed, segmented by customer, monitored by 24/7 onsite security and it has identity card readers at every door. This arrangement allows vehicles from different manufacturers to be tested at the same time while maintaining the strictest secrecy.

In October 2017, MESSRING and Calspan entered into a strategic partnership. This cooperation includes the joint construction of new crash test facilities in the North American market as well as the upgrading of existing facilities and the development of new test equipment and services. “While I understand that MESSRING has been recognized with this award in the past, it is a very positive reflection of the sustained quality and success of the organization”, says Gregory Campbell, Vice President of Calspan Corporation: “We are grateful to have partnered with MESSRING and happy to share the success”. Dierk Arp, Managing Director of MESSRING, is equally positive about the future: “The award comes at exactly the right time for us because it shows what we can achieve together with our partner Calspan in North America”.

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