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Double Impact

MESSRING convinces once again. A successful story will be continued. The CIS is positioned on the market as the state of the art test device for vehicle components.


Shanghai Motor Vehicle Center (SMVIC) and the China Automotive Technology and Research Center (CATARC Tianjin and Ningbo) each ordered a Compact Impact Simulator (CIS) from MESSRING, including extensive data acquisition systems and lighting technology.

Not only the compact design and the quick installation possibilities convince the customer, also the delivery time was a key issue. Only four months after receiving the order, the first system was already on the way to China from Europe.

In addition, MESSRING supplied the lighting for the facility in Tianjin and Ningbo. 20 M=LIGHT LED floodlights will be integrated into the system by the German experts and synchronized with the system’s high-speed cameras. The floodlights are not only impressive because they are extremely bright, but also offer significant benefits compared to conventional halogen or HMI technology when it comes to energy savings, maintenance costs and lifespan.

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