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DAIMLER AG awarded Large-Scale Contract to MESSRING

MESSRING is building the world's most cutting-edge crash test systems for the new vehicle safety technology center of Daimler AG in Stuttgart-Sindelfingen. The construction of MESSRING's 100th crash test facility is in full progress. The project is scheduled for completion in 2016.

DAIMLER AG awarded its large-scale contract for constructing the new, forward-looking vehicle safety technology center to market leader MESSRING. Designed to accommodate the latest developments and regulations in standard vehicle safety, the vehicle safety technology center will be built next to Daimler AG’s existing development center in Stuttgart-Sindelfingen. MESSRING will be responsible for a whole host of system solutions during the project, including testing systems for passenger cars, trucks, buses and the option to test at various angles, as well as a sled test system for simulating full-vehicle crashes. The vehicle safety technology center is also designed to carry out testings with alternative drive systems and PRE-SAFE functions.

The vehicle safety technology center will measure 273 meters in length, 172 meters in width, and up to 23 meters in height. It will feature a total floor space of 55,000 square meters as well as a testing facility measuring 8,100 square meters. This forward looking facility will incorporate LED spotlight system solutions that, from the initial construction concept to final acceptance, are planned, produced, and supplied by MESSRING. In its project in Sindelfingen, Daimler AG is placing its full trust in this innovative LED technology to ensure the precision and safety of its vehicle and sled tests.

In terms of total volume, this project is one of the largest in MESSRING’s history!


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