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CARISSMA is "Crash Test Facility of the Year"

Once again a MESSRING facility receives the renowned award


CARISSMA, the Center of Automotive Research on Integrated Safety Systems at the Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences receives the renowned “Crash Test Facility of the Year” award from the English publishing company UKIP. The facility, which was built and designed by the German crash test manufacturer MESSRING, is one of the core elements in Europe’s unique test and research center. In receiving this award, MESSRING continues to build on its success in previous years. For the fifth time a MESSRING facility succeeded in beating out the competition.

The 77-meter crash test facility at CARISSMA was equipped with the proven MESSRING MicroTrack system, an electric propulsion system especially designed for crash-test facilities, a mobile impact block, a film pit with transparent cover panels, and a variety of barriers and structures for a number of different impact scenarios to Ingolstadt.

In June 2016 the research facility officially opened its doors at the Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences. Beside the crash test facility the center, with total floor space of 4,000 square meters, houses a drop-tower lab, a simulation lab, a HiL (hardware-in-the-loop) laboratory as well as a multitude of networked special laboratories and institutions.

For the first time, passive, active and cooperative safety systems can be tested in cooperation with each other. CARISSMA is open for joint research projects with scientists, automobile manufacturers and suppliers from all over the world.

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