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Double Impact

November 25, 2016

MESSRING convinces once again. A successful story will be continued. The CIS is positioned on the market as the state of the art test device for vehicle components. Read more...

Maximum Results, Minimal Setup

November 25, 2016

Superlatives, for instance in the form of the largest hall space, the longest track, and the fastest start-up speed, are no longer a representation of a test facility’s performance. These days, it’s more about supposedly soft criteria such as user friendliness, flexibility, and reliability, all of which are becoming more and more important around the world. A primary example of this trend is a cutting-edge test facility that MESSING is currently building for IAV in Ingoldstadt (Bavaria). Read more...

MESSRING extends its presence in North America

November 23, 2016

MESSRING is delighted to announce that Mr. Corey Miller has joined the company effective November 21. In the capacity of Vice President, North America, Corey will lead MESSRING’s growth plans in this important automotive market. Read more...

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