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50 Years in the Service of Safety

50 Years in the Service of Safety. To mark the occasion, the equipment manufacturer invited partners and customers from Europe and overseas to an international user meeting in Munich.

Experts from EuroNCAP and ADAC, CARISSMA, and the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich discussed the future of automotive safety and crash test technology with representatives from the major automotive OEMs. Dr. Lothar Wech, professor of technical mechanics and vehicle safety at the Technical University Ingolstadt/CARISSMA, Michiel van Ratingen, Secretary General of EuroNCAP, and Prof. Norbert Schaub, head of passive safety testing, vehicle functions, and overall project management at the Mercedes Benz Test Center for Vehicle Safety (TFS) in Sindelfingen, which MESSRING was instrumental in developing and implementing, were all scheduled to give talks.

There is hardly another company that has shaped the industry as much as MESSRING. Founded in 1968 as a measuring technology company, MESSRING built its first turn-key testing facility just two years later. Since then, the manufacturer of crash test facilities has made a name for itself as a partner to major automotive OEMs and suppliers, but also to insurance companies and government agencies.

As a pioneer in the field of road safety, the Bavarian manufacturer of crash test facilities also has its sights set on the future. In order to prepare his company for the upcoming changes, MESSRING founded MESSRING Active Safety GmbH to coincide with its 50th anniversary. The new company’s goal is develop solutions for the future in collaboration with OEMs and research institutes.

Dr. Igor Doric, Executive Director of MESSRING Active Safety GmbH, presented the company’s first project: a pedestrian dummy that simulates a real pedestrian, with authentic movements of the limbs and head rotations. In combination with the motion system (Target Mover) also developed by MESSRING, the dummy can be moved realistically without confusing the assistance systems. This represents an initial step toward active safety testing. And MESSRING has ambitious goals: “In the field of active safety, we want to become what we already are in the field of passive safety – the leading system and full-service supplier,” says Mr. Arp.

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