We make it standard.


With over 100 facilities installed across the globe, MESSRING’s groundbreaking technologies and innovative products set the standards in crash testing.

Rapid advances in technology, continuous development in vehicle safety, ever increasing safety standards; today’s transportation requirements place special demands on vehicle safety testing. To keep pace with these changes and be successful, you need a visionary partner that continually innovates, not just to keep up with the changes, but to stay one step ahead of them.

For over 40 years, MESSRING has played a leading role in developing innovative crash test technology. From our uniquely narrow MicroTrack system – developed to provide maximum area of vision for camera systems – to the revolutionary M=BUS bus system for miniature, decentralized data acquisition in crash test dummies.

Today, MESSRING’s precision products continue to make the invisible visible. With more than 100 systems installed worldwide – over 80% of which are still in operation – MESSRING is the world’s leading supplier in this field. That’s what we call ‘future-proof’.