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Our Crash Test Facility

Since 2000, we’ve been the only global provider with a complete crash and sled facility in-house, which is good for us and our customers.

Innovation, high precision, and customized solutions play a key role in our success. And we’re well equipped in that arena. Since 2000, MESSRING has been the only provider around the world with a complete crash and sled facility in-house. This is a clear advantage in terms of developing new products and reliable preliminary acceptance testing in the areas of propulsion, control, cable vehicles, and sled systems. Since 2012, we have also had our own acceleration sled system.

In our industry in particular, innovations often have an exceptionally long lead time. Our engineers and our entire team have the luxury of being able to test and optimize the various components and systems at our in-house facility, from the initial concept to the final product, before they go into production and leave the factory.

Just before delivery to the customer, we conduct in-house preliminary acceptance testing under realistic conditions – in the presence of the customer, if desired. As such, all the components and systems are first assembled here at the company, put into operation, tested, and then disassembled before being prepared for shipment via truck, train, ship, or airplane.

This procedure accommodates the individuality of our numerous crash test projects in particular, as MESSRING doesn’t offer any standardized goods, but rather customized solutions. Our in-house system allows us to not only launch the latest innovations onto the market that meet the highest-quality standards time and again, but also fulfill all the customer’s requirements. In this way, irritating delays in, for instance, delivery times and quality acceptance, can be avoided. And that’s good for everyone involved.