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Mission, Vision, Values

MESSRING follows a number of essential and successful principles. Discover the company┬┤s strategy.


RIS/CIS Rear/Compact Impact Simulator

With our test systems, we create a foundation on which to make vehicles and transportation safer for people.

With endless passion for innovation, precision, and quality, we help companies develop and manufacture safer vehicles and means of transportation and thus better protect people and save lives.


HIS Airbag Simulator
To be the pioneer and driving force in technological development and to remain innovative across all segments.To secure our position as the premium supplier and apply global market leadership in crash test facilities to all MESSRING products.To accommodate customer and market requirements with a great deal of flexibility and reliable, tailor-made solutions.





Our passion is to pursue even better and new technological solutions at all times. This occasionally means a break with the status quo, requires flexibility, and continuous development of business segments and processes.

HIS Airbag Simulator


Top quality is indispensable. For us it is primarily reflected in our efforts to achieve perfection and precision. We provide innovative technologies in unrivaled quality and work with the utmost care and attention. Only reliable products can ensure precise test results for developing and manufacturing even safer vehicles and means of transportation.

HIS Airbag Simulator


We focus on the individual requirements of each of our customers, as no customer has the same needs and expectations as another. We also proactively offer our clients tailor-made solutions and help them to achieve their goals.

At the same time, we attempt to maintain a balance between the interests of our customers, our employees, and our company.

HIS Airbag Simulator


For us, humanity means treating each other with respect. This can also be seen in our understanding and flexibility when it comes to the individual requirements of employees.

Open-mindedness, cultural tolerance, and social responsibility shape the way we think and our activities. For instance, we do not feel obligated to accept military projects and activities in areas of conflict.

HIS Airbag Simulator


We make the necessary investments to secure our innovative power and our jobs, for which forward-looking earning power is an indispensable prerequisite.